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Action 2 Without additives

Healthy recipes for eating better.

End the use of 100 additives in our products

What exactly is a food additive?

It's a product – either natural or synthetic – that is added to the ingredients used in a food product in order to improve its taste, colour, appearance, etc. or to preserve it, etc.


Why do we need to take action?

Some additives are suspected of being harmful, but are still used – in limited quantities –, which is evidence of the dangers that they pose. Others are not wanted by our customers.

This is why Carrefour is continuing with its efforts to end the use of questionable substances. Currently, no fewer than 100 additives are banned from Carrefour-brand products manufactured and packaged by our suppliers in application of the precautionary principle, which goes beyond legislative requirements.

The aim is to enable the industrialised production of everyday products (practical products that everyone can afford and which are easy to store) and to meet requirements for precaution in relation to safety, as well as ensuring that the products in question are nutritious and tasty.


Is this really so new?

Doing away with additives is nothing new for Carrefour. It's in the brand's DNA: being a market leader in terms of food quality by manufacturing good, healthy and responsible products.

Today, Carrefour is stepping up its efforts, and there is still some way to go.


What is the long-term aim?

Science is constantly evolving and discovering more undesirable effects that substances have. We need to monitor new additives on a constant basis so we can identify any controversial ones as quickly as possible, while at the same time continuing to look for harmless substitutes.

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