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Action 1 French organic

Make French organic produce accessible

Giving preference to French organic produce reduces the environmental footprint and helps the local economy.

What exactly is French organic?

This refers to organic produce produced in France. Producing organic produce in France reduces the environmental footprint of agricultural production, i.e. the impact that it has on the environment.

French organic produce also helps promote short distribution channels – preference is given to products grown in France.

French organic produce is identified by the wording "Agriculture France" shown beneath the European Union's organic logo (the "Euro leaf").


Why do we need to take action?

Currently, we do not produce enough French organic produce to meet consumer demand: in 2017, 31% of the products made using organic farming methods that we consumed in France were imported.

We need to speed up our switchover to organic farming methods in order to reduce these imports. This way, we will be able to enjoy high-quality food, protect our health and preserve the planet.

The Boule BIO loaf, Carrefour's first organic product, was created 26 years ago
The Boule BIO loaf, Carrefour's first organic product, was created 26 years ago

Is this really so new?

French consumers don't just want to consume organic products: they want these products to be grown or processed as close as possible to where they live. It's this dual requirement that is new.

What is the long-term aim?

Carrefour already guarantees that the fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat, beef, pork and poultry that it sells under its Carrefour BIO brand originate in France.

But it also wants to become an active player in France's agricultural production regions, functioning as a coordinating partner helping farms to switch over to organic methods and promoting balanced partnerships with producers. And finally, establishing relationships based on trust with consumers.

launch of the Carrefour BIO brand
31 %
of organic products consumed in France in 2017 was imported

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