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CHINA In-store food laboratory

What is it exactly?

Carrefour has created a network of laboratories which work with the government. 37 mini-laboratories and test laboratories have been set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenyang.

Why do we need to take action?

There are still far too many food safety issues in China, and consumers no longer have any confidence in what they eat.

Is this really so new?

Carrefour is a forerunner in this area and has been building its own laboratories across the country since 2007.

What is the long-term aim?

Carrefour China has pledged to provide its customers with a complete range of safe and healthy products, at the best possible prices and with excellent service, by carrying out fast compliance tests. We will withdraw all defective products and inform the laboratories.

Isn't this just twaddle? 

The test laboratories are equipped with precision instruments and can conduct 71 test parameters. 260,000 tests are performed by Carrefour every year: tests to verify the presence or absence of any residual pesticides on fruit and vegetables and tests to verify the presence or absence of any residual veterinary medicines in meat and food additives. If any non-compliance is detected, we immediately withdraw the products from our shelves.


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