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Concrete initiatives for eating better

Concrete initiatives for eating better

Every day, we take action to improve food quality. For a healthy, tasty, varied and responsible diet. For products that everyone can afford and which are environmentally friendly.

Action 1
French organic

Make French organic produce accessible

Giving preference to French organic produce reduces the environmental footprint and helps the local economy.

Action 2
Without additives

Healthy recipes for eating better.

End the use of 100 additives in our products

Action 3
Produce grown without chemical pesticides

End the use of chemical pesticides in our products

Reducing or even ending the use of chemical pesticides altogether is environmentally friendly and good for everyone's health.

Action 4
Farms that do not use antibiotics

End the use of antibiotics on Carrefour Quality Line farms

Ending the use of antibiotics benefits the health of both people and animals.

Action 5
Responsible fishing and aquaculture

Take action for responsible fishing and aquaculture

Selecting responsible products is taking action to safeguard the planet's biodiversity.

Action 6
The GMO-free*

End the use of GMOs* in our products

Ending the use of GMOs* in Carrefour products and in feeds used for livestock is an example of the precautionary principle being applied.

International actions