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Our commitments

Our commitments

Our aim is to become the world leader in the food transition for everyone, providing the 13 million customers who shop at our stores every day throughout the world with healthy, high-quality food at fair prices.

To do this, we have launched ACT FOR FOOD, a global programme focused on taste, quality and eating better.

Our eating habits are changing. This is having a profound effect on our production and supply methods. 

We are making solid commitments to increasing the availability of fresh produce, using local supply chains, expanding our range of organic products, managing quality by selling Carrefour own-brand products, gradually providing our employees with training in relation to these issues and protecting the planet's biodiversity by encouraging responsible practices.

Every ten years, the equivalent of one whole French département of workable land disappears in France(1) (over-cultivation, excessive irrigation, chemical inputs, repeated passage of heavy farming machinery, pollution, etc.).
Source: France and its countryside: 2025 – 2050. Better product quality

Forging closer ties with producers

  • The company most engaged in developing agro-ecology in France, committed to reducing or even eliminating the use of pesticides by maximising biodiversity through its Carrefour Quality Lines.
  • One of the first partners to help farmers switch over to organic farming methods

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Carrefour Quality Lines, nearly 25,000 partner producers throughout the world

Showcasing national and local production

In Europe, 73% of Carrefour's food products come from national suppliers. This figure increases to 97% for Argentina and Brazil.

Increasing the availability of organic products

  • More than 9000 organic food products across the Group
  • Launch of the Carrefour Bio range of organic products in 2017 in Argentina

In France

  • 2018: launch of around a hundred new Carrefour Bio products
  • By 2020: help 500 producers switch over to organic farming methods

The market's most demanding specifications

  • Removal of all questionable substances
  • Development of antibiotic-free animal product lines (chicken, pork, veal, etc.) or vegetable lines free of insecticides, herbicides and pesticides (tomatoes, kiwifruit, broccoli, strawberries, etc.).
  • All Carrefour Quality Line chickens, pigs and cows are fed on GMO-free feed
  • A product offering that is systematically co-developed with our customers, with more than 200,000 samplings scheduled in our stores for 2019.
  • Commitment to reduce the quantity of packaging used for Carrefour's own-brand products by 5% between now and 2020

Guaranteeing the safety and traceability of food products

  • Improve food safety throughout the world
  • All Carrefour-brand product manufacturing sites have been certified or audited
  • In France, we are gradually rolling out blockchain technology to all of our Quality Line products (chicken, tomato, eggs, cheese, milk, honey, ground beef steak, Norwegian salmon)

50000 50000

More than 50,000 products analysed since 2017

Encouraging responsible practices to protect the planet's biodiversity

  • 50% of all fish sold will be the result of sustainable fishing practices by 2020
  • In France, we were the first retailer to sell farmers' seeds and to sell organic fruit and vegetables grown from them. Thanks to this initiative, legislation was changed and Brussels allowed producers to freely sell these farmers’ seeds. This is an enormous step forward for biodiversity

The frontiers between physical stores and e-commerce are becoming blurred. The food transition also involves factoring these new practices into the way in which we get hold of our products, whether we purchase them from stores, pick them up from a drive outlet or have them delivered, everywhere and all the time

  • Same day home delivery: goal is to have 26 towns covered in France in 2018
  • Express 1-hour home delivery: goal is to have 15 towns covered in France in 2018
  • Click & Collect: goal is to have more than 50% more collection point stores in France by 2019
  • Google partnership to speed up deployment of digital technologies

*Source: GFK – 2017 Future Buy Study

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80%* of Chinese consumers consider their mobile phone to be their primary shopping tool

Producers, manufacturers, employees, elected representatives, charities, NGOs and consumers – everybody is driving the food transition. We all have the power to take action and change things.

This is why we are working on strengthening partnerships between our employees, start-up companies, charities and NGOs – to focus our strengths on effecting change.

But this is also why we are committed to supporting changes in consumer behaviour. Because the consumer is central to the food transition: they need to learn about seasonality and find out more about the need to reduce waste and food wastage. 

Every year, Europe on its own throws away enough food to feed 1 billion people – that's the equivalent of all the people throughout the world suffering from malnutrition.
Source: European Commission / FAO

Training employees and raising customers' awareness

  • In France, we are doubling the number of employees trained in food-related professions
  • In Poland, we have created the School for taste (the aim being to have trained all the teams by the end of 2018)
  • In Spain we have introduced the Academy for fresh produce professions.
  • In China, the Carrefour China Fresh School trains more than 10,000 employees in food safety and nutrition every year
  • In Belgium, we provide a dieting advice service for our customers in our hypermarkets

Tackling wastage:

  • All Carrefour product packaging will be recyclable and reusable or compostable by 2025

Carrefour, a charity-focused retailer

  • In 2017, the Carrefour Foundation funded projects to protect the planet's biodiversity, as well as emergency humanitarian and food aid projects throughout the world worth a total of €6.3 million.

164000000 164000000

The Carrefour Foundation donated 164 million meals in 2017.